from by White Prism



wishes come in many forms
all around your head
silly boy you don't know the games
you have to play
to make her stay

all the words you say fall on deaf ears
all the storms that rumble through
are just a way to call on you
to love to love better

if you find love again
won't you hold on tighter
find love again

if you find love again
won't you try to keep her
find love again
won't you find love again

wishes wishes wishes wishes

wishes wishes can come true
but do you want do you want them to
all the time you spent talking yourself down
made you lose lose again


from White Prism EP, released April 23, 2013



all rights reserved


White Prism Brooklyn, New York

White: The presence of all the wavelengths of visible light.

Prism: A transparent optical element that reflects images and refracts light.

These two words combine to define the sound of the new Johanna Cranitch project - White Prism. The Australian-born and NYC-based artist, has been surrounded by music since birth.
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